Can Zion win ROY?

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Zion Williamson I’m sure you’ve heard the name. I see future Hall Of Fame maybe a couple MVP’s. But can Zion add Rookie Of The Year to his wall of trophies? Sure coming into the season everyone thought Zion was a lock for ROY we watched him dominate Summer League from the second he stepped on the court, everyone was talking there was whispers was this the second coming of Lebron James? Well before we got to see Zion in the regular season he went down with a knee injury that kept him on the bench for the first half of his rookie year. While Zion was out the 2nd overall pick in the draft Ja Morant out of Memphis shined as bright as ever carrying a subpar Memphis Grizzlies to the current 8th seed in a loaded western conference. Now that Zion Williamson has suited up and hit the court we have seen the superstar potential everyone expected from this young man. But the question is can he still win ROY? In my opinion no, Ja Morant is the rookie of the year do I think Zion will have a better career? Yes. But this season Zion has missed to much all though injuries happen and it was out of his control. If he wanted to win ROY I’m he should have stayed out for the season and came back next year when he had a whole season to prove him self *cough cough* Ben Simmons. The only way is see Zion winning it is if Ja has a fall off for the second part of the season and Zion somehow brings the Pelicans past Memphis to take over that 8th seed in the west but that is a long shot and I believe Ja Morant is Rookie Of The Year, what is your opinion? Let’s chat!